Ecore Serves as Foundation for Hilton’s Five Feet to Fitness Suites

LANCASTER, PA—Fitness buffs rejoice. Getting in a good workout—whether it is lifting weights, doing intervals, yoga or HIIT—is now possible without leaving the comfort of the guestrooms at Hilton McLean Tysons Corner in McLean, VA, and Parc 55 San Francisco, a Hilton Hotel.

Hilton’s new leading-edge Five Feet to Fitness Suites enable guests to explore fitness pursuits on their own terms, offering more than 11 different fitness equipment and accessory options in the guestroom.

Among the components are the in-room Gym Rax storage bay, which houses a variety of fitness accessories; a Five Feet to Fitness kiosk, providing more than 200 bespoke guided exercise tutorials and more than 25 classes, using the equipment in the room as well as bodyweight exercises; a Wattbike for indoor cycling, with capabilities to connect to cycling apps; a TRX workout system; a floor meditation chair; and more.

Serving as the foundation for Hilton’s new suites is Ecore, a flooring company that transforms reclaimed materials into performance surfacing. The brand is using Ecore’s Forest rx flooring, a versatile surfacing solution designed to provide good ergonomics, comfort, acoustic benefits and superior performance characteristics.

“Our mission is to create performance surfaces that make people’s lives better. One of our most important people is the fitness enthusiast. We have been supporting them in the traditional hospitality fitness center with unique flooring solutions that provide a tailored environment ideal for the functional movements that define current fitness trends in strength, conditioning and flexibility,” said Bo Barber, VP of sales & marketing, Ecore International. “Forest rx delivers the necessary force reduction and energy restitution to provide a fitness surface with ideal ergonomic and safety characteristics in the peaceful confines of a guestroom. Forest rx provides comfort underfoot, along with anti-fatigue capabilities for a variety of workouts, ranging from high-intensity interval training and plyometric exercises to yoga and meditation.”

All of the surfaces in Ecore’s rx Collection are created using Ecore’s patented itstru technology to fusion bond a 5-mm. Ecore recycled rubber backing to a contemporary, modern heterogeneous vinyl sheet.

“The result is a surface that provides more safety, acoustic and ergonomic benefits than LVT or rubber mats over carpet,” said Barber.

Ecore has created shock pads for turf fields to address risks from concussions. Forest rx, along with the other products in the rx Collection, has been tested for G-Max, using the Clegg Machine protocol, explained Barber. “Using this protocol to compare traditional resilient flooring, Ecore rx products demonstrate a 35.5% reduction in impact acceleration. In other words, if someone falls, rx surfaces are 35% safer to fall on than concrete or a traditional, resilient surface,” he said. “Forest rx also offers Ecore’s proven sound control in environments where peace and quiet are relished and expected.”

Speaking of noise reduction, the grunts and dropping of dumbbells associated with workouts won’t be heard outside of these fitness suites and are unlikely to disturb the guests above and below, according to Barber.

“IIC tests (in accordance with ASTM E492 and E2179) have shown that Forest rx allows the most basic assemblies exceed strict IIC 50 building code requirements, reducing impact sound by over 20 decibels with no ceiling below,” he said. “Additionally, an undergraduate research study conducted by the University of Hartford’s Acoustic Program in 2014 concluded that Forest rx is as quiet as carpet.”

Forest rx is available in a number of color options and styles to meet design requirements. It also features stain- and wear-resistance without the need for applied finishes or polishes.