Duetto Introduces New Revenue Management Tool

SAN FRANCISCO—Duetto launched its latest revenue management tool, Duetto Insight, which helps hoteliers of small and limited-service hotels forecast demand and optimize pricing.

Duetto Insight aims to offer simplicity in facing complex challenges seen as a result of the proliferation of distribution channels and shorter booking windows. According to Duetto CEO Patrick Bosworth, there is a mass of data available that impacts hotel demand and by pulling in new data sets, such as web shopping, review, airline, weather and macroeconomic data, Duetto Insight offers more accurate pricing decisions.

“The traction we have experienced with larger hotels globally has been tremendous,” Bosworth said. “Smaller hotels were the missing piece and have been largely ignored in terms of RMS solutions. These hoteliers were left with various life products and some garage-built application that strip out too much functionality to be useful until now.”