Dream Hollywood Debuts Intelity’s Guest Engagement Technology

ORLANDO, FL—Built by hoteliers for hoteliers, Intelity’s guest engagement platform enables hotels to empower travelers by putting the control of their stay at their fingertips, with a mobile-based solution. Ready for its close-up and striving to provide red-carpet-worthy guest services, Dream Hollywood will debut Intelity’s in-room mobile technology when it opens this summer.

“We came to market in 2006 when we developed our core technology, ICE—Interactive Customer Service. We are the creators of this enterprise guest-services platform; we are the distributors and we support brands globally. Intelity provides technology to hoteliers to handle guest requests and capture business intelligence,” explained David Adelson, CEO, Intelity, based here. “Leaders never follow. We do have competitors, but we’re the benchmark, and we’re continually delivering great products to the marketplace. Intelity services many luxury brands, ranging from The Peninsula to Park Hyatt to Loews Hotels.”

It was a pitch about Intelity’s platform that captured the attention of Ayo Akinsete, Dream Hollywood’s general manager. Originally set for the Dream Downtown in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, the implementation project was shelved for a later date, according to Akinsete. Smart partnerships are often all about finding the right timing.

“It was something we wanted to do, and this is the way the industry is going, to a digital platform that provides services and communicates with guests. Our IT company knew of Intelity and other platforms we’re considered as well, but they were one of the first people to market and had a good track record,” shared Akinsete. “I reviewed it at a couple properties—Hotel Bel-Air and the Four Seasons—and they were pleased. Intelity is U.S. based, while others were outside Europe. From a support standpoint, I believe Intelity can help us make the transition.”

Intelity is not just a vendor; it is a partner in creating employee and guest solutions tailored to the specific client with a pragmatic approach to how the brand can deliver the service to guests. Working with Dream Hollywood, Intelity set out to provide ways to enable the hotel staff to be more efficient by handling customer requests digitally, allowing for guest messaging and providing a virtual narrator for special events.

“Our guest-facing technology includes downloading mobile solutions which have the ability to check-in, make guest requests and use a smartphone as a mobile key. In the guestroom, the ICE bedside solution replaces the alarm clock and any in-room paper, such a menus or directories; makes it digital and real time; and allows guest to make requests,” Adelson said. “Intelity is not only guest-facing, it is hotel employee and management focused and engaged. We give them the ability change and market directly to guests, plus we give them access to change all these things at the hotel or remotely.”

Intelity’s client success division worked directly with Dream Hollywood to personalize its services, create the experience and then prepare for deployment. In addition, the tech firm provides onsite training, technology integration and project management.

“We’re planning on using Intelity’s platform to eliminate the usual printed compendium in the hotel for hotel information, and then we’re going to interface it with our PMS and POS systems so when guests look up the in-room dining menu and place an order, a ticket can be created and sent to the in-room dining office. The seamless transaction will help eliminate errors. We also plan to interface it with our housekeeping system so requests will specify the timing, and room attendants will be able to look at a mobile device to see that room 504 is vacant or that there is a request for towels,” Akinsete said.

Choice is king and travelers are exercising their right to select and plan their stay how and when they want. Mobile technology gives them the control to plan their entire experience from start to finish, and more hotels are migrating in this direction and using platforms like Intelity’s to interact and stay connected to the guest.

“Hotels that work with us are signing up with a partner with long-term vision, offering advanced check-in, mobile key, guest-request management, employee solutions and more. Intelity continues to evolve its platform and hotels become part of our partner community,” Adelson said.

Corris Little