Denihan Makes Duetto the First Revenue Management System to Integrate with Sabre’s SynXis CRS

NEW YORK—Denihan Hospitality Group’s hotels now manage room pricing to drive higher ADR via integration of Duetto’s revenue strategy software solution with Sabre Hospitality’s SynXis CRS.

The integration went live at Denihan properties in November, and marks the first interface between the two systems. According to the company, by working together using standard HTNG messaging, Duetto and Sabre Hospitality were able to expedite the delivery of their joint solution.

“We are excited to introduce this new interface, which builds upon our successful relationships with both Duetto and Sabre Hospitality,” stated Thomas Botts, EVP and chief customer officer, Denihan Hospitality Group. “Sabre Hospitality has taken a huge leap forward by creating an RMS interface that is optimized to handle open pricing methodologies rather than BAR rates. This is the future of hotel revenue management. We are delighted to partner in this innovation, which promises not only to provide unsurpassed flexibility, greater control and help drive higher ADRs—but also allows the SynXis CRS to function as the system of record for rates and availability.” 

David Meltzer, Sabre Hospitality’s chief commercial officer, called the integration “a dramatic step forward,” adding, “We are pleased to expand our SynXis platform to allow forward-thinking brands, like Denihan, to integrate with innovators like Duetto, whose solutions are helping the hotel industry optimize rates.”

Patrick Bosworth, Duetto’s CEO, concluded: “Sabre Hospitality is proving why it is at the forefront of CRS innovation—by embracing new ways of managing pricing and availability through a robust, flexible interface.  We are delighted to partner with Sabre Hospitality to move our industry forward together.”