Days Inns Expands Global Presence Into Japan

PARSIPPANY, NJ? Days Inns of America has signed a master licensee agreement with Pacific Hospitality Network to develop the brand in Japan. ?The Pacific Rim is a strong area to be in,? said Joe Kane, president/CEO of Days Inns. He added that this expansion ?will complement our business in China and the Philippines.? Kane said that since many Japanese frequently travel in America, they are familiar with the Days Inn brand. Under the agreement, Pacific Hospitality Network will develop two hotels in 2000 and another 18 over the next six years. However, ?they could get a quicker start up once they start their magic,? Kane said. Pacific Hospitality Network was chosen, according to Kane, for multiple reasons. ?We want our name to grow but we want it to grow in the right context so we needed someone that understands franchising, the hotel business, the culture of where the business exists, someone that is in it for the long-term and who can meet the development schedule,? said KaneUnder the agreement, Pacific Hospitality Network, a Hawaii-based company, will decide where to develop and what non-standard features to provide. In city center locations, such features will most likely include a restaurant and meeting space, among other things. Some in-room amenities will be standard, including a hair dryer and shampoo. However, properties will be able to ?step it up with traditional amenities such as tea packets, for example,? said Kane. ?This is the only developer that we?ve used that has offered a culturally traditional hotel room (Ryokan is a Japanese style), in addition to a western-style hotel room. It?s nice because it offers guests a choice but it truly is East meets West,? Kane added. Kane anticipates a combination of new-builds and conversion properties though he does also expect higher land costs due to the country?s ?tight and populous? nature. Construction costs, however, are expected to be in line with the United States. ?We chose to partner with Days Inns because of its global reputation and standard for quality, affordability and consistency of service,? said Matt Masuoka, director for Pacific Hospitality Network. He added that ?Japanese people value good service, perhaps moreso than any other nation. The ability of providing our guests with the hotel experience of either Japanese or Western style hotels at an affordable price will appeal to both local and international travelers.? Days Inns, a Cendant Corp. subsidiary, has more than 1,900 hotels worldwide and operates in 12 countries including Canada, China, Colombia, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States and Uruguay.