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CheckMate Unveils Mobile Guest Check-In Service

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA—CheckMate, a new service focused on hotel check-in and other hospitality services, has beta launched its platform to help hotels and online travel agencies (OTAs) improve and enhance the guest check-in process.

Through CheckMate’s platform, travelers can request room preferences, communicate arrival times, receive last-minute upgrade offers, submit loyalty numbers and receive room status alerts and other direct communication from the hotel in advance of arrival. Hotels can use CheckMate to allow guests to bypass the lines and wait at the front desk.

“No one likes to wait in line or be stuck waiting in the lobby as a room is readied,” stated Anthony Maggio, CheckMate co-founder. “Using the CheckMate platform, hotels can take advantage of today’s mobile technology to deliver a seamless, expedited and personalized experience to guests, not to mention increase revenue for our partners.”

CheckMate’s platform is compatible with all hotel property management systems (PMS). Hotels looking to execute the service do not need to purchase new hardware, and there are no development or installation fees. 

Hotel groups already using the CheckMate platform include Commune Hotels + Resorts, MetWest Terra Hospitality and Pacific Hospitality Group.

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