Canyon Ranch Launches New Culinary Concept

LAS VEGAS—Wellness pioneer Canyon Ranch has carved out a wellness niche here and has introduced its third brand extension since launching trademarked CR aesthetics and CR shops last fall with the arrival of CR CREĀT—the brand’s first stand-alone, quick-and-casual concept inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Venetian and The Palazzo Las Vegas.

“We wanted to create a quick and casual food and beverage concept that would cater to those seeking mindful and healthy options without having to compromise on quality,” said Pete Ghione, executive chef, Canyon Ranch, who oversees CR CREĀT, along with Canyon Ranch Grill and Canyon Ranch Café. “We hope to prove that no matter the environment, even in a place full of indulgences such as Las Vegas, it’s possible to enjoy clean, delicious and fresh ingredients and dishes on-the-go.”

More than ever, there’s a focus on healthy habits. In the U.S., wellness is trending as people strive—or, in some cases, struggle—to maintain their health goals in the stress of daily life.

“It’s when corners are cut in the haste of stress and obligations, this is where we saw the need for something like CR CREĀT. We are always trying to bring the Canyon Ranch philosophy to our guests’ everyday lives and thought something accessible and on-the-go would be a perfect way to do that,” said Ghione.

According to Ghione, the need has existed for a very long time. “Just look at the medical statistics in the U.S.; the demand, however, has been much more recent,” he said. “The difference is that consumers now realize that the way they used to eat caused health issues, physically and mentally, and more and more people are choosing not to live the life they used to and are caring much more about what they put in their body.”

While Las Vegas is best known for its opulence and nightlife, Canyon Ranch wants to insert wellness as one of the city’s attributes. “Las Vegas is a place where people let everything go, but at Canyon Ranch, we believe health and wellness should be a natural part of life. It’s about balance,” he said. “If we are able to create F&B offerings that are delicious without compromising taste or precious time, we can make wellness more of a lifestyle and less of a restriction.”

The offerings made available through CR CREĀT are designed to be a feast for the eyes and tempting to the palate. A healthy meal doesn’t have to be boring.

“I work to embrace superfoods and leverage creative techniques to maximize flavors, combined with artful presentations to produce dishes that are appetizing to the eyes, taste buds and the body,” he said. “Our menus are sophisticatedly straightforward. We harness flavors and textures as nature intended them to be, without adding any of the man-made ingredients or processes that distract from the true healing intentions of the earth. Our guests are and have always been, very sophisticated as they understand that process and seek out clean, exciting and flavorful foods.”

Fast food is synonymous to unhealthy food, but not by Canyon Ranch standards. Instead, the meals for CR CREĀT are curated to be nutritious and fortifying. “There are many details that have gone into planning this entire concept, from the nine house-made flavored coffee syrups, to the biodegradable plastic containers we package our food in,” he said. “Every detail was thoroughly thought through with integrity in mind. I referenced our other two menus from our café and grill also located in the Spa at the Venetian and Palazzo, and used those popular items as inspiration for items on the CR CREĀT menu. I infused ingredients that are known to improve your health, such as anti-inflammatory ingredients and ingredients known to help fight cancer, into everyday items that people commonly enjoy.”

Focused on whole foods that are minimally processed and house made, Ghione sourced clean ingredients for the CR CREĀT meals for the optimal health of consumers.

“As a company, we analyze all of our recipes to make sure they fit inside our strict nutritional guidelines to help you feel like a better you,” he said. “By making so many of our products here in house, including our bakery items, cream cheese spreads, salads, sandwiches, dressings, coffee syrups and even working with a certified tea master to blend our own teas, we can trust that we are providing the healthiest versions of the food and beverage experience we can possibly offer and for that, I take great pride in offering our food to the public.”