BridgeStreet Platform Offers Six Ways to Stay

RESTON, VA—BridgeStreet has launched a new digital platform that unifies and aggregates global accommodations from various resources and operators under one roof. It’s called Six Ways to Stay and includes extended-stay hotels, brand hotels, furnished homes, vacation rentals, serviced apartments and design-led hostels.

“These properties are trusted and guaranteed by the BridgeStreet satisfaction guarantee,” said Michael Snapkoski, SVP of revenue generation for BridgeStreet. “From a reach standpoint, we have inventory in 22,000 cities and 131 countries. What we’ve done is aggregate all this extended-stay supply into a single platform.”

BridgeStreet started with research, talking to more than 800 travel managers over the past 12-18 months and saw a common thread among its feedback. Many of the pain points were related to finding and booking extended-stay accommodations. “We really put forth time, effort and resources to create this platform to unify all of this supply,” said Snapkoski.

With varying lengths of stay and reasons for travel—relocation, short-term job stints, consultants on the road, etc.—the business traveler is the company’s target demographic. Six Ways to Stay aims to make booking trustworthy, varied, simpler and in real time.

“Everyone wants to book in real time these days and there are a lot of platforms that exist in the alternate hotel space. However, it’s request only. We had to solve for real-time booking on the platform,” he said. “Another major pain point was price transparency. Individuals today want to see it and book it at the rate seen. The last pain point is choice. Travelers want choices in the product, so their intent may be to book a hotel, but they’d like to see what else is available—a better location or price point. Being able to see all six product lines at once provides choice.”

Hotels and alternative accommodations can connect with BridgeStreet through the Six Ways to Stay platform and load their inventory there.

“We want to be perceived as a partner and capitalize on our 20 years of experience, as well as our demand generation teams. We want the group to feel that we provide a unique demand and we’re focused on the extended-stay customer,” he said. “Lastly, that everything we do is guaranteed and done with trust.”