Blueair Room Offers a Fresh Air Option for Hotels

CHICAGO—“Clean air is a basic human right. Every breath of fresh air fills us with energy, health, strength and serenity. Breathing clean air clears the mind, invigorates the spirit and rejuvenates the skin,” said Blake Bobosky, EVP, sales & marketing at Blueair’s North American operation here, with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

It was a quest for clean air that led to the development of the company’s air purification systems, which can be used at home, work, schools, gyms and beyond—even hotels. Blueair’s founder Bengt Rittri assembled a team of designers, filtration specialists and researchers who shared a passion for air purification and design.

“They created the world’s best air purifiers that combine high-efficiency, low-noise air purification with good design. Innovated with love in Sweden to bring you cleaner, healthier indoor air,” said Bobosky.

With a firm understanding that the air one breathes can impact a person’s health and comfort, the company set out to bring its air purification technology to the hospitality segment with Blueair Room, which is a business-to-business service being rolled out to hotels worldwide to provide sustainable and healthy environments to enhance the guest experience.

“We’ve noticed that travelers often comment on the smell of hotel rooms on review websites, or search for allergy-friendly hotel options,” said Bobosky. “We’re in talks with several properties and are looking for the best partners to align our program with, in hopes to replicate their missions and values to customers.”  

The Blueair Room business model includes a marketing strategy that covers educating the consumer at the property level, as well as promoting Blueair and the prospective hotel brand during a guest’s stay.

“We have built a 360-degree marketing program that will begin with digital elements and have co-branding with our chosen partners,” he said. “Hoteliers will also benefit from our global-marketing efforts, so that we may bring the same value to hotels with a global presence. At the hotel level, information will be available at the front desk and in Blueair-designated rooms. 

Unilever, a supplier of food, home and personal-care products, recently acquired Blueair and the decision is subject to regulatory approvals. The move provides the company with the additional means and retail opportunities it needs to take the next big step, noted Bobosky.

“We are saying yes to leveraging the help of Unilever, one of the world’s most admired corporations for its sustainability practices, to help Blueair take the next step to become a truly global provider of its health-enhancing air purifiers,” he said. “Blueair is exploring several categories, and recently launched a pilot program with fitness centers and gyms. We also have several units in the field with medical professionals. Blueair Room is a solution that will provide a better night’s sleep for hotel customers. We hope guests will come to look for a Blueair Room option, the same way you might look for a hotel with specific wellness features, access to a club floor, etc.” 

—Corris Little