Best Western Introduces Dinosaur-Themed Hotel

LAKEWOOD, CO—Best Western International debuted the Best Western Denver Southwest, which recently underwent a $4-million renovation. Located near Dinosaur Ridge, an active site where fossils have been unearthed, the 112-room hotel situated here now includes a natural history museum dedicated to dinosaurs.

“We wanted this to be a one of a kind, immersive experience that feels like you’ve entered an old explorer’s club and a storied natural history museum,” stated Greg Tally, co-owner of Best Western Denver Southwest. Meredith Tally, co-owner of the hotel, added, “Guests at our hotel will feel like they’ve stepped back in time, without sacrificing the modern amenities they’ve come to expect from a Best Western property.”

The inside of the hotel includes dinosaur skulls, interactive fossil tables, classic dinosaur artwork and facts about the study of dinosaurs. Outside the property, a life-sized stegosaurus statue named Stanley serves as the hotel’s official mascot.

The owners partnered with paleontology experts from across the country, including several from the nearby Morrison Natural History Museum. To create a classic museum feel, millworkers pulled pieces from an early 20th century bank lobby and used them to rebuild the hotel lobby with an antique fireplace, mahogany and pine paneling and louvered glass bookcases. The space also features a marble floor, overstuffed leather furniture and coffee table created from a vintage steam trunk.

“The renovations at the Best Western Denver Southwest really epitomize the independent spirit of Best Western and the commitment to creating a unique experience for our guests,” stated Ron Pohl, Best Western SVP brand management & member services. “We take pride in giving our hoteliers the freedom and support to make their design dreams a reality and you can see the personal passion that the Tally’s put into making this a one of a kind hotel.”

The Best Western Denver Southwest is located near other paleontological attractions, including Morrison Natural History Museum, Denver Museum of Nature & Science and Triceratops Trail.