Best Western Hotels & Resorts Assumes Direct Responsibility of Brand in Mexico

PHOENIX—Best Western Hotels & Resorts has assumed direct responsibility for the Best Western brand in Mexico & Central America and surrounding countries. Best Western will now operate on a property-direct relationship (PDR) with Best Western-branded hotels in Mexico, all of which remain independently owned and operated. The transition to direct responsibility of the brand in Mexico will result in focused brand-level efforts and increased synergy and efficiency across Mexico, South America, and Central America, according to the company.

“Best Western has experienced a period of tremendous evolution and innovation in recent years, and as a result, hotels in PDR territories have benefitted from direct service and support,” said Suzi Yoder, SVP, international operations of Best Western Hotels & Resorts. “We are committed to ensuring that all Best Western-branded hotels in Mexico experience a smooth transition. The goal is to have a more cost-efficient and effective organization which unifies and leverages the existing staff in Mexico with the regional and global team to drive superior revenue, service and support for Best Western-branded hotels.”

There are currently 70 hotels and resorts operating under the Best Western brand in Mexico, and the newly appointed managing director of Best Western Hotels & Resorts – Mexico & Central America, Elizabeth Becerra, has been tasked with ensuring a successful and smooth transition for all properties. A hospitality industry veteran, Becerra moves into the managing director role with more than a decade of industry experience.

Best Western-branded properties in Mexico will now operate in a PDR with Best Western Hotels & Resorts’ South American division, bringing direct support to the 100 Best Western-branded properties across Mexico, South America and Central America.