Being Market Share Leader Means Even More Now

This is the fourth year in a row I’ve had the privilege of penning a column in which I can report, and perhaps even brag a bit, on HOTEL BUSINESS® being ranked as the hospitality industry’s number one publication in advertising market share. This time around, however, I do so with a considerably different mindset. Needless to say, winning has always brought me a tremendous amount of personal and professional satisfaction. However, this year, reflection needs to be added to the list of emotions as I look back at Hotel Business’ outstanding 2011 campaign.
It’s been just about 18 months since being diagnosed with an illness that made 2011 one of the longest and most trying years of my entire life. Thankfully, just as winter turns to spring, I am close to being at full strength and looking forward to taking advantage of being out and active in the warm weather. As I reflect on my role and the pride I feel leading the ICD Publications Hospitality Group, first and foremost, I think of how each team member not only went out of their way to cover for me during my illness, but how they each went above and beyond. They did not allow an extremely difficult business environment stand in the way of Hotel Business having one of its best years ever.
Ironically, as I write about my responsibilities as a leader, I think of Murry Greenwald, my first boss and mentor. Early in my publishing career, he passed along a plethora of insights and practical lessons, many of which I still draw on to this very day. Murry, who passed away last month, was the president & CEO of Executive Business Media, a trade publisher based on Long Island. He was a true believer of Darwin’s theory of “Survival of the Fittest.” He was the type who would teach somebody to swim by throwing them into the deep end of the pool. Sure, it was a little scary, but you always knew he would never let you drown and, ultimately, you learned how to swim.
It was nearly 25 years ago that Murry took a chance, hiring me to be an associate editor of Exchange & Commissary News. He never asked to see a writing sample nor if I even wanted to be a journalist. Shortly thereafter, at his suggestion, I transitioned to the advertising sales department. I recall him telling me that I was a decent editor, but I had the potential to be a far more successful salesperson. I accepted the challenge and the rest is history.
And 2011 represents just another chapter in that history. According to Patterson Advertising Reports (PAR), Hotel Business has once again claimed the top spot in advertising market share in 2011 among publications serving the hospitality field. The audit reported that from January 2011 through December 2011, Hotel Business had a 39.44% share compared to 26.28%, 17.42% and 16.87% for the second, third and fourth highest titles, respectively. I am also happy to share that in 2012, we have picked up where we left off in 2011. For January PAR reported Hotel Business kicked off the New Year with a 40.57% share compared to 27.84%, 18.13% and 13.46% for the second, third and fourth highest titles, respectively.
Leading in market share is an honor we do not take lightly. We accept this recognition with great pride and humility, understanding such an honor reflects the invaluable support of so many members of this great industry.