At This Property, Hotel and Office Space Mix

CONCORD, NH—The Hotel Concord will open this month, with alternating floors of office space and guestrooms. Talk about mixed use.

“Capital Commons has been a significant part of the Concord landscape for nearly 10 years; it’s not only time to reinvent the building, it’s also appropriate to be responsive to the changes in Concord and the unmet needs for the community,” said Michael J. Simchik, managing partner, 100 Market Group.

To keep Capital Commons at the forefront of what is current in the industry, Simchik sees the project as the “perfect match.” Among the existing amenities are Class A office space, a signature art house called Red River Theatres, dining options and covered parking, to name a few.

Rendering of guestroom at The Hotel Concord

Rendering of guestroom at The Hotel Concord

“The Hotel Concord is a complementary amenity for the Class A tenant base’s visitors and clients,” he said. “We hope to achieve a balance of business, entertainment, convenience and hospitality—all under one roof.”

The Capital Commons remained fully functioning during the construction of the hotel; in order to minimize disruptions, the mixed-use property will open in two phases: the first on Aug. 29 and the latter slated for January 2019.

Simchik and his team have considered how the two distinct areas will cohabitate in one building, including significant attention on soundproofing.

“The hotel rooms have been sound-attenuated to a significant degree,” he said. “In addition, the sound transfer coefficients of both the hotel and the office building are far in excess of those found in developments in major cities.”

Ahead of the opening of the project’s first stage, Simchik is buoyed by the opportunities this mixed-use project creates. “First of all, the marriage of office and hospitality in a Class A building, while far from the norm, is an exciting concept,” he said. “It’s one in which not only is there coexistence, but great synergy as well. We welcome all discerning travelers to stay with us. They may like it so much, they’ll want to work here, too.”