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Amenity Enables Guests to Breathe Easy, Customize Scents & Sound

NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ—The quality of the air guests breathe can have an impact on their stay. Working to clear the air and ensure it is safe and clean to breathe is imperative for hoteliers to run a successful business. Aligning with the trend of guest personalization and curated experiences is Innovaci Inc.’s AireSpa, an air enhancement system designed to allow a hotel guest to control the in-room environment through a touchscreen remote control that sits on the nightstand.

“AireSpa is a smart, four-in-one air enhancement system comprised of a three-stage HEPA air purifier, sanitized mist producing humidifier, four nature-inspired scented aromatherapies and 16 soundscapes that aid in better sleep and relaxation,” said Louis Holder, CEO, Innovaci Inc., based here. “AireSpa has only one product. It is a product designed specifically for hotels to help them increase revenue, cut costs, increase the value of their rooms, and address customers’ growing concerns about air quality. Our customers love the way our system is able to remove smoke, food and bio odors from a guestroom quickly to reduce the amount of time a room needs to be taken out of service. They appreciate the operational simplicity, from the reporting to the routine service, that AireSpa staff will perform on the systems.”

Over the last few years, people have become more health conscious and aware of what they put in their bodies. They are also cognizant of the germs, bacteria and viruses that exist in public places as well as the respiratory issues that arise from polluted air, noted Jeffrey Laster, SVP of business development, Innovaci Inc. The roster of clients includes partnerships with brands such as Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Embassy Suites and Marriott. The company recently partnered with Kana Hotel Group to deploy units in the company’s hotels in Tennessee, Georgia and North Carolina, and there are plans to expand to casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, NJ.

“Hotels have recently started to respond to these guest concerns by researching air purification solutions. Adding an AireSpa system to every room allows a guest to control the air quality in the room. AireSpa’s primary goal from the onset was to help hotel guests sleep and feel better. We achieve this by removing the allergens, dryness, odors and noise often found in a hotel room,” said Laster. “People spend most of their time indoors, so breathing healthy air—especially when traveling—is critical to our health and peace of mind, not to mention our sleep. AireSpa not only helps people meet their wellness goal, we also protect them on the road.”

For a solution to have staying power, it has to be effective but also simple to operate and manage. AireSpa employs a touchscreen remote control and has a cloud portal that enables hotel staff members to monitor and get alerts for systems in guestrooms.

“Since inception, AireSpa’s sole focus has been to design a system to work in a hotel environment. The product has been built specifically for hotel rooms. Durable, easy to use, compact, low maintenance and industrial strength are all qualities that a product needs to have to survive the hotel environment. This is very different than systems designed for home or office use,” said Holder. 

For hoteliers seeking to determine their ROI, Holder noted that AireSpa stands out from its competitors due to its platform, which enables a hotel revenue manager to see profits in real time. 

“No other company has this type of product. Our AireSpa Management System (AMS) allows real-time remote monitoring of each unit; generates reports to track trends and usage; and can even connect with hotels’ back end systems to offer various billing options for guests,” said Holder.

There are future enhancements planned, including adding functionality that will further ease workflow by integrating with many of the staff-automation and back-office systems currently employed at the hotels. AireSpa will have more customer-facing features that will increase value to the overall product as well as reduce cost, according to Holder. “We will also be working on specific customizations that will help our customers truly differentiate their properties with a unique amenity,” said Holder.


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