AH&MA Videos Aim To Improve Staffers? Skills

ORLANDO? The Educational Institute (EI) of the American Hotel & Motel Association (AH&MA) is offering videos which focus on front office performance skills that will increase guest satisfaction and boost repeat business. The videos address sales, guest relations and operations for full- and limited-service properties and demonstrate the correct skills and attitudes needed for success in the front office. The videos were designed to combine effective training methods with motivational material to make employees feel good about themselves, their co-workers and their jobs, according to AH&MA. The first video, ?Sales: A Winning Formula,? is three sessions in which staff members learn how to optimize their basic skills to sell more efficiently, how to use suggestive selling to promote property facilities and how to use ?upselling? strategies. The ?Guest Relations: Aiming to Please? video shows staff members how to build positive relationships with guests. In ?Full-Service Operations: At Your Service,? the focus is on all front office functions from check-in to check-out. The last video, ?Economy Operations: At Your Service Plus,? is a compilation of the other three videos excluding only the training that does not apply to the economy segment. The videos are meant to portray realistic situations in which cast members learn from the situations. Comprehensive training guides are included with each video.