Acqualina Resort & Spa Launches Holistic Wellness Series

SUNNY ISLES BEACH, FL—Health is the new currency. Achieving a sense of well-being starts with regular exercise, proper rest and good eating habits, but it doesn’t end there. With life moving at a rapid clip precipitated by advances in technology, consumers are seeking out opportunities to recharge, relax and unplug from the day-to-day stresses.

At the Acqualina Resort & Spa, based here, the hotel’s on-site spa practitioners follow a holistic approach to wellness and have recently launched a series of interactive and educational workshops—led by experts—which are designed to be an immersive and transformative experience for guests and locals alike.

“You have to practice what you preach and if you don’t take the reins of your own life, no one will do it for you. Whether it’s fitness or reading a book, you need to shut the world off and have some quiet,” said Jocelyn Farmer, spa director, Acqualina Spa by ESPA. “If you know what your body needs, you need to listen and educate others.”

Participants receive all-day access to the resort’s impressive 20,000-sq.-ft. Acqualina Spa by ESPA, featuring a Himalayan salt wall, state-of-the-art treatment rooms, steam rooms, ice fountains, an outdoor pool and a terrace retreat.

The program is the resort’s first offering through ESPA, a product, treatment and lifestyle concept focused on delivering an experience that enhances the guest’s lifestyle in a way that is holistic and versatile, noted Farmer. 

“ESPA is in more than 450 spas worldwide, however, only a select few are completely branded by ESPA like we are, about 20 spas worldwide,” she said. “It offers us a strong commitment and partnership from the company as well as a very solid structure that ensures consistency.”

Every Tuesday at 3 p.m. for 60 to 90 minutes, the spa becomes a gathering place of like-minded individuals eager to hear and engage with “extraordinary themes for everyday health,” noted Farmer. “Our Executive Spa Director Cynthia Bell took that sentence and used it to reach out to partners and locals in the area who are well-known for the workshops they carry,” she said. “It’s trickled into the series and marketing materials and really gets peoples’ attention.” The series, which ranges from crystal healing to concepts in self-discovery, is currently available now until March.

YOGiiZA is a local business founded on yoga philosophy and one of the spa’s facilitators, with about three-quarters of the series hosted or recommended by them. Upcoming workshops will include the art of movement, mindful meditation, and an organic wine education and tasting class, to name a few.

Working with the ESPA brand for nine years and with the hotel for 3.5 years, Farmer’s wellness philosophy dovetails with the spa’s goal to provide a meaningful experience that, in turn, will help visitors foster and maintain sustainable acts of wellness in their daily lives.

“For me, I truly believe that if the mind and body are treated as one you will be able to function at a higher capacity,” she said. “I know that if I don’t work out and continue to push myself to learn something new, I will become stressed and less focused. True happiness is about finding balance.”

—Corris Little