A Wearable, Mobile Device for Safety on the Job

HERMOSA BEACH, CA—Walkie-talkies might help employees communicate with each other, but they don’t relay location, give distress signals or provide other safety features. SecuraTrac, a provider of mobile health and safety solutions focused on employee wellbeing based here, has launched a new mobile emergency pendant—the MobileDefender Model S—to help wearers of the device remain safe and secure in an emergency.

According to SecurTrac CEO Chris Holbert, the solution is suitable for a variety of industries and for individuals living or working alone, ranging from hotel housekeepers to real estate agents to construction workers working in the field solo.

“Our business model focused on the healthcare industry, lone workers and senior citizens for a safety net at home alone. It’s for the hotel workers who are women and clean rooms in large resorts and may get accosted by men. They can use the device to notify their employer that they need help. Uber drivers are another example of lone workers who can use the device,” Holbert said. “We focused on those areas and changed from a b-to-c to a b-to-b business. We go direct to a Hyatt or, more commonly, we have partners we sell through. We’re a solution provider of mobile safety to businesses that have a direct need or through channel partners.”

MobileDefender Model S is an upgraded version of an existing model with new features, including a built-in fall advisory capability, which engages when the wearer of the device encounters a fall. The involuntary alert is sent to a 24/7 monitoring station that will act by calling to confirm or deny the need for help. In addition, the device has an improved battery lifespan.

“The person wearing the MobileDefender doesn’t need to do anything to alert someone they need help. The device has an extended battery life solution. Typically, battery life of one of these is two days and our new model is three days. It’s a good increase and you don’t have to charge it, but twice a week,” he said. “This model allows people to put it in a deep sleep mode in between any event that might occur. A single charge would last up to 30 days. It’s a routine people find more convenient. When there is a low battery, an alarm is triggered and ultimately you have 30 days or so depending on use.”

In addition to the application of the MobileDefender in hospitality settings, Holbert believes there is the added benefit to hoteliers who provide this solution to be able to save on insurance premiums.

“The insurance industry looks favorably upon employers who deploy these and it reflects on their rates. There’s value to protecting employees and making them safe, but coupled with a financial benefit of lower premiums is a real benefit. When we talk to our clients that have made the decision to move ahead, it’s that combination of hard and soft benefits that made the difference—something they can quantify and as well as qualify,” he said. “All of the great features in one small package is a game changer. Not only can companies rest assured that they know where their human assets are in the field at all times, companies and employees can feel empowered about safety. Even if an accident occurs, it can be relied on to create an alert that help may be needed without any action taken by the employee. It could be life-saving.”