A New Digital Revolution Impacts Luxury Hotels, And Hoteliers Win

Want to rent a luxury yacht, exotic car or even a private jet instantly online? While it was still just a dream for hoteliers, Immidia made it happen. Find out all about the new instant luxury experiences company opening up new perspectives for the hospitality industry. 

A dazzling algorithm

The developers behind Immidia have worked wonders. 

With one click, from anywhere in the world, you can now access a catalog of high-end luxury services including yachts, dream cars and even private jets, view their availability in real time and confirm your booking at the speed of light. Today, Immidia is the only company offering such technological prowess and performance. Yesterday, luxury meant time. Today, it has to be instant.

Luxury required time. Now, it has to be instantaneous.

Concierges, guest relation services and luxury hotel managers know: customers want it all—especially—want it now. Thanks to its powerful proprietary algorithm, the Immidia app allows partners to provide the best service, instantly, meaning immediate satisfaction and lasting loyalty.

A fully-customizable system 

Immidia is only available through selected luxury hotels and high-end travel professionals to ensure the highest level of satisfaction is maintained during throughout the experience. Directly connected to each partner’s website and social media, the service is fully embedded and tailored. Before, during or after their stay at the hotel, clients can book their chosen service from a smartphone, tablet or computer, as if it were the hotel’s very own and with complete efficiency and security.

A galaxy of certified professionals

Immidia does not own a boat, car or jet. But, thanks to its technology and know-how, the startup has created the first global network of professional service providers, hand-picked by Immidia’s expert team. The network’s exponential development ensures optimal service availability and certified reliability, with each professional meeting the demanding quality standards set by Immidia.

A 24/7 guest relations service

In tune with the spirit of luxury well-known to the two French founders, Immidia knows how to respond instantly to every client’s needs at all times. From the initial contact to the end of the experience, through online advice and boarding assistance, Immidia offers users a service worthy of its five-star hotel partners and inspired by the most elite luxury clubs.

A new empowerment for hoteliers

With the digital battle facing the tourism industry, Immidia’s solution is a significant step forward for  hoteliers, a real added value without investment, a new opportunity to regain the advantage in terms of distribution and CRM. With a simple click and at the speed of light. 

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