A Focus on Health and Wellness

NATIONAL REPORT—A focus on health and wellness is essential to modern hotels, from helping business travelers stay healthy to providing assurance of a clean environment to vacationers, a wellness-oriented hotel leaves guests feeling optimistic, confident and satisfied. When considering health and wellness additions to your property, many hoteliers consider investing in a fitness center. While this is a popular option, it can also be a costly addition to the property.
Below are a few quick facts from a Cornell Research Study 
  • 46% of guests plan on using the hotel fitness center
  • 22% of guests use hotel fitness centers
In contrast, nearly 100% of guests sleep in a hotel bed. Guests pull down the covers, pull up the sheets and spend 6-8 hours in direct contact with bedding. The highest touchpoint in the entire hotel experience, the bed and bedding are the best areas to create health and wellness in a hotel. Here are few tips that will help you create a healthy sleep environment:
Invest in a quality mattress
With high-tech materials, supportive construction and designs that are meant to relieve pressure points and tension, innovative mattresses can transform the rest, recovery and satisfaction of guests.
Invest in quality bedding
Bedding with naturally hypoallergenic fiber like Tencel Lyocell wicks away moisture, helps regulate sleep temperature and creates healthier sleep environment for guests. Look for sheets, pillowcases, mattress and pillow protectors that use this innovative material.
Protect your mattress
Mattress protection is essential to a healthy sleep environment, especially in a hotel. According to multiple studies, unprotected mattresses gain up to 90 pounds over 10 years of nightly use. As mattresses are similar to sponges, protecting the health and hygiene of guests can only be accomplished with the use of a breathable, waterproof mattress protector and encasement.
Promote Your Bedding
While providing a healthy sleep environment is essential, making your guests aware of the benefits can significantly boost satisfaction, outlook and guest loyalty. No one wants to sleep in a dirty environment, so communicating the benefits and presence of healthy bedding will help your hotel reap the full benefits of your investment in health and wellness.
ProtectABed is a manufacturer of healthy, clean and safe sleep solutions for the hotel industry. To learn more about the company and get in touch, visit https://www.protectabed.com/hospitality or [email protected]