A Bounty of Wellness at Blackberry Farm

WALLAND, TN—Nestled on a 4,200-acre estate in the Great Smoky Mountains, the five-star luxury property Blackberry Farm is a respite from day-to-day life and aims to restore peace within its guests.

As the resort’s wellness director, Katelyn Young explains that wellness isn’t just about a holistic and balanced lifestyle. “A lot of places you visit, it might be cutting out things and depriving yourselves. What we believe is a healthy lifestyle and the indulgence you might experience aren’t mutually exclusive,” she said.

There’s also the scenery and the scent of the nearby mountains, setting the stage for guests to be in the present moment and participate in health-oriented opportunities available everywhere on the farm.

Blackberry Farm’s culinary creations are also a draw for guests who wish to nourish their bodies while on vacation. The day may start off with an early rise, activities such as yoga outdoors, a trail run or hike and then a wholesome meal that is farm-fresh and seasonal. An emphasis on a natural balance to life is part of the property’s back-to-the-land approach.

“The farm-to-table concept is true to Blackberry Farm. We grow and harvest everything here. We wanted that to be special and used at the Wellhouse. There’s hyssop that grows native to area, and it’s soothing to the skin. We also grow lavender, and both plants are distilled down to an essential oil for bath salts,” said Young. “I truly believe, and it’s been proven, that there is a sentimental connection to smell. If you use the products here or at home, it takes you back to that moment. When you’re here, you’re having this wonderful time connected to memory, and it’s important to personalize the experience for guests.”

Staying rooted, much like one of the many trees on its 4,200-acre estate, is a hallmark of the farm’s vision and longevity.

“When we’re developing products, we don’t want to stray far from what we are, but we’re excited to take it and push it further, expanding upon self care; that is where the product line came in. It’s a reflection of what we believe in,” she said.

The products are designed to foster an intentional ritual each day, which can be as simple as taking a bath and sprinkling in natural ingredients to making time for yourself.

“We took our product line from its core products of shampoo and conditioner and expanded it to 10 products. Anyone can find something they resonate with and find something from the farm,” she said. “It’s neat to slow down and think about the reason for doing it, making something personal with homegrown ingredients.”

In 2018, the farm will expand on its wellness offerings by investing in education for its staff. “We’ll be making it a priority for our massage therapists, so we can tailor and curate a service that is the best possible for our guests,” she said.