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Eleven Enhances ElevenOS Management Software

Thursday May 22nd, 2014 - 11:25AM

PORTLAND, OR—Eleven, by making enhancements to ElevenOS, its guest Internet management software, is optimizing the mobile guest experience.

The mobile-friendly ElevenOS Internet login screen restyles the layout based on browser width. Eleven has created a second version of the login screen that makes similar style changes to the first one, which determined if a guest was connecting to the site using a mobile device and redistributed page content based on that device.

In addition, ElevenOS helps increase load times for mobile device users by cutting images and content from the login screen that is not essential. The software also re-authenticates guest devices based on MAC addresses, allowing guests to remain logged in throughout their stay as opposed to logging in and out each time they connect to the hotel’s network, as certain mobile browsers do not support cookies.

ElevenOS has also enhanced back end settings to allow hoteliers to manage mobile Internet usage. In response to a common guest frustration, ElevenOS allows them to use the same plan on multiple devices. Hoteliers are able to set device limits per access plan, allowing them to tier their Internet plans beyond just bandwidth.