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ElevenOS Used by Seven HSIA Providers to Achieve Marriott GPNS Certification

Wednesday June 19th, 2013 - 9:44AM

PORTLAND, OR—The ElevenOS guest Internet management platform is now relied on by seven network service providers who are certified in Marriott’s Global Property Network Standards (GPNS), with the recent certification of Blueport Wireless and Broadband Hospitality.

According to the company, it has worked closely with its provider partners and Marriott to make sure Eleven’s cloud platform meets Marriott’s requirements, resulting in a 100% success rate among partners applying for GPNS certification.

In addition to Broadband Hospitality and Blueport Wireless, Eleven’s other GPNS-certified partners include Windstream Communications, Clearview Networks, OBTS, Ze-Net Technologies and Concord Hospitality.

—Nicole Carlino