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The State Hermitage Hotel to Open this Summer

Wednesday May 1st, 2013 - 10:09AM

ST. PETERSBURG—The State Hermitage Hotel is scheduled to open here in summer 2013; it will be the only official hotel of the State Hermitage Museum.

The hotel is the result of a restoration of a landmark building which had fallen into decay. It was originally build as a residence for the Lobov Family, a local merchant. Later on, it was turned into a cultural center with a theater, where singers such as Vladimir Vysotskiy regularly performed.

The interior design was inspired by the architectural features and elements of the Winter Palace. Elements of the hotel, such as uniforms and porcelain, were also inspired by the original uniforms and china used at the Winter Palace.

The relationship between the hotel and the museum is also reflected in the names of the multiple functional banquet and meeting rooms, such as the Carlo Rossi room, after the architect who designed the staff building of the Hermitage.

The Official State Hermitage Hotel offers 126 guestrooms and suites; the hardwood floors, soft lighting and color scheme are all inspired by the interior of the State Hermitage Museum. Other amenities include the main restaurant named after Catherine the Great, the founder of the Hermitage, and the Neva Spa.